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Self-introduction: Tom Gier

Hi list members,

Let me introduce myself: My name is Thomas Gier (Tom is just fine).

I'm 39 years old and live near Aachen (Germany), which is a very old and very beautiful city right at the border to The Netherlands. During my studies in the previous century (engineering and some terms in communication science) I started working as a technical writer. Currently I work for a big german company (Siemens) and write manuals for unified messaging systems. In one of my former employments I wrote documentation for a CMS and worked as a trainer.

I'm familiar with DocBook - although a bit rusty after not using it for about 2 years - and did some stylesheet customising to fit my needs. Nothing extraordinary just a bit here and there.

Since I just switched to Fedora I think it would be best to start with some translations to German. Writing new or maintaining existing documents would definitely be an option when I'm more familiar with Fedora (although I doubt that my English skills are good enough for writing new documents). I tried to register to the Fedora-trans-list but didn't get any answer yet so I'm writing to this list. Hopefully this is roughly the right spot but I think I need some advise on how to proceed. 

IMHO the best point to start translating would be the installation guide. I already have a GPG key and I think I completed the procedure to get CVS and bugzilla accounts; will chekc this later on. The next steps, I suppose, would be to get the english version, translate it, and check it back in to CVS. Is there a special module or repository for translated docs? Is there even one for german? 

Thanks for reading so far. Please feel free to give advise, point me to the right direction, say hello, ask questions ... :)

Best Regards

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