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few questions

Dear All,

Renato needs some help.
Can anyone give him a clue?


於 一,2006-03-27 於 21:54 +1000,repavici globalnet hr via RT 提到:
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Reply on 27.3.2006, at 13:23

Currently I work on system-config-bind. Though one indeed! I have few
question regarding what to translate, and what not to:

- items between "\ \", and
- bold items, between "<b></b>" (example:)
If the zone is a slave or stub zone, then the server will suppress the
regular \"zone up to date\" (refresh) queries and only perform them when
the <b>Heartbeat Interval</b> expires in addition to sending NOTIFY
         This is the only (?) line where the term: \"zone up to date\"
is mentioned.

- bold items, between "<b></b>", that start with small caps and are
located at the beginning of the string:
<b>delegation-only</b>: This is used to enforce the delegation only
status of infrastructure zones (e.g. COM, NET, ORG).
       Name of the module? Cos in Croatian capitalization of words
follow different rules than in PC-english (all upper - all lower).
- items between "<tt></tt>":
To achieve the intended effect of has-old-clients yes, specify the two
separate options <b>Authoritative NXDOMAIN Responses</b>
<tt>=Enable</tt> and <b>RFC2308 Type1</b> <tt>=Disable</tt> instead.
       <tt>=Enable</tt> repeats itself as a sole line. I guess this
one is OK to translate? Unless it does not repeat anywhere else in
this module.

I will try to run bind after translation, but I am not sure I can
simulate conditions that will bring up all the menus and messages. That
only reason why I am bothering you with this questions :)

Best regards!


Renato Pavicic

mailto:repavici globalnet hr
renato translator-shop org

The Bat 3.5.25

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