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Self-Introduction: Chris Savage

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I'm not sure if I'm supposed to drop this in bullet-points or not, but
that feels weird.

My name is Chris Savage, most people just refer to me as Savage, I'm
(soon to be) living in Bradford in the UK and am a student at the
University of Bradford.

My goals? Well I really want to get involved in (and give something back
to) the community more than I am at present. I quite like writing
tutorials/HOWTOs as these help me remember (and learn) more as I go
along. I'm happy to edit for technical accuracy.

This will be my first community project, I've got a website over at
www.savagereactor.co.uk, and do volunteer work for a local charity.

Computing skills, I'm a general all rounder, but unqualified, I'm at an
average intermediate level with Linux, programming, servers, networking
etc. and more advanced with Windows. I've been using Fedora since just
before FC4.

Now I need to go read up on DocBook :)

Chris Savage

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