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Self-Introduction: Pawel Sadowski


My name is Pawel Sadowski (nickname: McGiwer). I live in Poland, in a
small country called Krzyzanowice (I've moved from a small city - Ilza
some time ago, but it is still the Ilza's area). I'm 18 and I'm studying in a high
school in a language class. In the Fedora Project, I'm an
Ambassador in Poland and I'm translating the Release Notes. I'm a
moderator at www.fedora.pl - Polish support site and forum. I'm also
programming a bit in C++, and always glad to help :)

[mcgiwer redhat ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 45B9C2B2
pub  1024D/45B9C2B2 2006-02-12 Pawel Sadowski (Fedora Project) <mcgiwer fedoraproject org>
     Key fingerprint = CC75 1395 6DFA E265 30D0  C330 BC58 F517 45B9 C2B2
uid                            Pawel Sadowski (Fedora Project) <mcgiwer gmail com>
sub  2048g/C0C072DF 2006-02-12 [expires: 2008-02-12]

Pawel Sadowski

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