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Re: Converting XML files to PO

Hello, Pawel!

I have no idea of an automated process to transform XML into PO and then merge that PO with another PO.

You may want to check on the fedora-translator's list; sorry I don't have the info about it handy.

If you can find how this can be done, please tell us here.  Maybe we can develop a tool to do this.

We can easily originate documentation in any language, it need not be US English.  For example, you could write an original document in Polish, and set ${PRI_LANG} to "po" in the "Makefile".  Later a translator could add "en_US" to the "${OTHERS}" macro in the "Makefile" and produce a "po/en_US.po" file.

If you do not mind experimenting, you could try using xml2po to generate a .POT file from your Polish XML.  Then, copy the en_US version of the original document POT file into a "po/pl.po" file.  Now, use a visual diff tool such as "meld" or "mgdif" or "tkdiff" (help me out with names, gang!) and update the pl.po file with the English "original" strings.  I have not tried it, so this may be a waste of time.


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