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Re: Converting XML files to PO

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 13:17 -0500, Tommy Reynolds wrote:
> Hello, Pawel!
> I have no idea of an automated process to transform XML into PO and
> then merge that PO with another PO.
> You may want to check on the fedora-translator's list; sorry I don't
> have the info about it handy. 
> If you can find how this can be done, please tell us here.  Maybe we
> can develop a tool to do this.
> We can easily originate documentation in any language, it need not be
> US English.  For example, you could write an original document in
> Polish, and set ${PRI_LANG} to "po" in the "Makefile".  Later a
> translator could add "en_US" to the "${OTHERS}" macro in the
> "Makefile" and produce a "po/en_US.po" file. 
> If you do not mind experimenting, you could try using xml2po to
> generate a .POT file from your Polish XML.  Then, copy the en_US
> version of the original document POT file into a "po/pl.po" file.
> Now, use a visual diff tool such as "meld" or "mgdif" or
> "tkdiff" (help me out with names, gang!) and update the pl.po file
> with the English "original" strings.  I have not tried it, so this may
> be a waste of time.

This was the gist of what I was suggesting.  I would have done it the
hard way, but not known how ... use something like Perl to change all
the msgid in the pl.pot to msgstr, then merge them with "this file
first, this block of text like this until it stops like this, then do
the same kind of read from the other file."  Yeah, in other words,

How about this:

1. Use the tools to make a blank po/pl.po
2. Open in a visual PO editor
3. Copy and paste strings from XML into the visual PO editor


Well, sometimes you have to think, "Brute force is 2 hours, elegant
solution is 4 hours, and I just want to get this done."

Anyway, definitely try f-translation-list ... or f-i18n-list?  Not sure
of the mission between them.

- Karsten
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