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Self-Introduction: Rodrigo Menezes

   1. Rodrigo Menezes

    * Curitiba, Brazil
    * Work as IT Infrastructure Analyst
    * American Axle and Manufacturing - Brazil Site
    * Work as and Ambassador distributing Fedora around my country.
Provide enough documentation for brazilian users.

* I wanna translate documentation from us to pt_BR and create some
documentation here that can help our local users. We have some problems
to download some packages, this way I want to provide the most necessary
documentation to any users to use Fedora and complete all their needes.
    * Used to work in local forums, now I'm working as an Ambassador. We
create a local site to distribuite Fedora's DVDs in all the country.
    * I'm a good technician, I little rusty because my company now use
Windows but I thing Fedora is great and wanna study more.
    * I'm very good to create documentation and translate, this way I
can help you a lot.

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pub   1024D/758B78F9 2006-04-24 [expires: 2007-04-24]
      Key fingerprint = 19CE A5EC D372 D1F0 8BBD  6ECC 6893 0F0E 758B 78F9
uid                  Rodrigo de Oliveira Menezes (Embaixador do Projeto
Fedora) <rodrigomenezes12 yahoo com br>
sub   1024g/299A39D9 2006-04-24 [expires: 2007-04-24]

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