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Re: desktop-up2date/po - New directory

Em Terça, 9 de Maio de 2006 23:52, o Rahul Sundaram escreveu:
> We might as well as pull it off CVS to avoid confusion if it not useful
> anymore. It would be good to expand on yum software management into
> software management in general covering Pup and Pirut.
I agree. I already have translated it, and that directory creation was an 
attempt by me to reverse the already-translated-Docbook version into a PO 

It would be nice to define, according to the current CVS repository contents, 
which ones are to be translated and which ones aren't (and move them to a 
"attic" area or even wipe them off). This way, useless effort is saved.

Best regards,

José Nuno Coelho Pires
Development Engineer
Unidade de Sistemas de Informação

Telemóvel:	 96 630 61 13
E-Mail:		 jose pires inov pt

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