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Re: MoinMoin<=>DocBook XML Summer of Code Proposal

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 16:28 -0500, Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
> We have a Summer of Code proposal to work on MoinMoin DocBook XML conversion 
> tools.  This student identifies himself as the original author of the 
> existing MoinMoin DocBook XML formatter.
> There isn't a mentor assigned yet, so if someone from the Docs team would like 
> to step forward to mentor this person, they can sign up as a mentor through 
> Google and we'll assign the proposal to them.

OK, I signed up.  You are the organization's administrator?  If so, I'll
take this SoC proposal under ye olde wing.

I'll also ask on f-websites-l if there is anyone who understands
MoinMoin well enough internally to be a co-mentor/back-up mentor.

- Karsten

> Mentor Sign-Up:
> http://code.google.com/soc/mentor_step1.html
> Mentor Home:
> http://code.google.com/soc/mentor_home.html
> ----
> Title/Summary: MoinMoin DocBook XML Conversion Tools
> Student: Mikko Virkkilä
> Student Email: mvirkkil cc hut fi
> Student Major: Automation and systems technology
> Student Degree: masters
> Student Graduation: 2008 
> Student Home Page: http://users.tkk.fi/~mvirkkil
> Organization: The Fedora Project
> Assigned Mentor: No Mentor Assigned
> Name: Mikko Virkkilä
> Email: mvirkkil cc hut fi
> IM:
> I am going to work during the summer, so I expect to be working on this 
> project during evenings and weekends. As my gf is going to move to another 
> town for the summer, so I'm going to have a lot of time to spare in the 
> afternoons and evenings.
> In addition to working, I have no holidays, classes or anything else to work 
> around.
> My school will start again at the end of August.
> = Experience =
> I've done development using Java, C/C++, Python and various web related 
> techniques like XML, CSS, Javascript, XSTL, and I'm familiar with database 
> programming. I'm also the administrator of the my Guild's (the Guild of 
> Automation and Systems Technology) server, and know my way around 
> shellscripts and linux.
> I'm the original author for the MoinMoin->Docbook formatter, so I'm intimately 
> familiar with it, as well as that part of the MoinMoin infrastructure.
> I've worked on MoinMoin, and did a cleanup of the gnome-app-install program 
> (which was never accepted upstream). I've also worked with TheOpenCD project. 
> I've created the WebSANE sane-frontend (http://websane.berlios.de). 
> = School =
> I'm studying at the Helsinki University of Techology where I have been 
> studying for 3 years. The department is called Automation and 
> Systemstechnology, but is also geard towards media and communication.
> = Details =
> I'm proposing to finish the MoinMoin->Docbook formatter, and fix any bugs that 
> I find. This will in practice mean that some MoinMoin macros will need to be 
> cleaned up. To make sure the formatter will remain working through the 
> development cycles in the future, I will also write tests, with which it is 
> easy to confirm that the generator is still working. All this will also be 
> documented. Also some tools to support working with docbook inside moinmoin 
> will be created. These include a mass exporter and a mass importer.
> Book importer, which will allow for exporting existing Docbook formatted books 
> in to the wiki from the commandline. Each book will be split in to multiple 
> chapters and pages. What worries me here is the possible loss of information. 
> It is not possible to represent all information in a docbook using the wiki 
> syntax. I'm hoping to find some way around this limitation, probably by 
> embedding the extra information in to the page with one or several special 
> macros. This script will use only readily available tools. It will also 
> upload the necessary images.
> The Book exporter will format a moin moin page specially created for 
> generating a docbook-book. The page will include links to the different 
> chapters in the docbook. It will format these pages and create a complete 
> docbook from them. 
> For simple docbook books, the results of first importing a book to the wiki, 
> and then exporting it should yield a book equivalent to the original.
> == Milestones ==
>  * 26.5 Start
>  * 5.6. Work on cleanup and bugs in existing formatter done.
>  * 15.6. Proof of concept for book importer
>  * 30.6. Proof of concept for book exporter
>  * 15.7. Storing _all_ information of a dookbook-book in the wiki possible 
> (probably by adding calls to special docbook macros) but possibly not 
> completely implemented.
>  * 30.7 Importing and exporting a book works
>  * 15.8 Tests done. All documentation done. Project done.
> == Deliverables ==
>  * Add any currently missing features incl better table support.
>  * Book exporter in the form of a special moinmoin generator plugin
>  * Tests (possibly unittests, depending no what the MoinMoin developers feel 
> comfortable with) to ensure that the generator works.
>  * Shellscripts to get a complete docbook book from the wiki (or individual 
> pages) complete with images etc.
> All code will be documented. Usage instructions will be written.
> = Why me =
> As I'm the original author of the existing MoinMoin->Docbook code, so I'm very 
> familiar with it. I'm also familiar with some MoinMoin developers, and many 
> parts of the MoinMoin code.
> I am exited about this project, because many other projects use MoinMoin as 
> their wiki, and I know for a fact that the Ubuntu documentation team have 
> been very interested in using the Wiki as a means to create DocBook pages. 
> For people not familiar to Docbook, who want to write documentation and usage 
> instructions, a wiki will be a simple way to do so. Creating tools for people 
> to collaborate, on writing documentation for open source projects, is to me a 
> worthwile project.
> ----
> -- 
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