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Inconsistency in yum-software-management translation


While helping Rodrigo Menezes to translate and understand the FDP system, we 
ran into a very strange problem. The potfile for the yum-software-management 
was completely translated, and is building fine.

As we don't have the webtest working, I uploaded a copy to my page:


The problem is: everything is fine but the Chapter 7. For some very strange 
reason that I don't know, some paragraphs aren't translating:


Look at the beggining of chapter 7 and the 7.3 section. The entities are 
translating fine, but the whole paragraph isn't. It's a mix with English and 
Portuguese :)

I checked the potfile, regenerated it, compared the .xml with the .pot, 
retranslated, and so on. It didn't work, so I'm asking for help here :) 
Anyone knows what may be happening?



"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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