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Self-Introduction: Adam Moreland

Adam Moreland
City: Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM, GMT
Profession: BA Media Studies (Hons) Student, University of Northampton | Freelance Journalist and Sub-Editor Affiliations: The University of Northampton, UK | Registered Linux User #417406

I have done much writing and editing and have had over 50 articles published in mostly hard copy magazines. I am highly interested in writing about Fedora and also programming, and games, and Wireless Internet. I have specific knowledge on the installs on stand alone machines. I am willing to write whatever is needed to help out.

Id like to see more documentation on installs, setting up wireless, and other subjects, and id also like to see the accuracy of these documents remain very, very high, both in spelling and in grammar.

I have an ambition to help out as much as i can. I love Linux and want to spread the word about how great Linux is, at the same time as making it more accessible to the general public. Part of the problems lie in the complex nature of Linux and the huge number of separate resources needed to solve problems. Id like to see these issues resolved and brought closer together so that the resources can be found in one specific location, the Linux Documentation Project. I want to see as many come over from Microsoft as is possible to increase the numbers of users on Linux accessing great open source applications.

10 GCSE's - Notable A+ Information and Communications Technology, A - English
2 A/S Levels
3 A-Levels, inc Computing and English Literature (B)
BA (Hons) Media Studies student (Start final year Sept 06)

14 years computer experience in building, repairing, upgrading PC's. Moved into VB programming 7 years ago, moved onto C++, and am self teaching game programming, and Perl and PHP. Started playing with Linux distros last year, and work with Fedora Core 5. I have also started becoming highly active on FedoraForum.org, and am looking to start Software testing for future OS's and Editing for Fedora Documentation Project.

Due to my long experience as a freelance journalist and sub-editor i feel like i can bring much to the project. I have a love for Fedora, Linux and for the writing process. I enjoy all the aspects of working with Linux. I have lots of qualification and experience with Media, and Journalism (Did my first year on Journalism). My long experience with Operating Systems and Hardware, i have a technical knowledge that will enhance the documentation further.

GPG Key:
[root localhost adam_laura]# gpg --fingerprint AC230C32
pub   1024D/AC230C32 2006-05-21
     Key fingerprint = 14F4 50F5 806C 25A5 B33C  C2BF 982C 87B7 AC23 0C32
uid                  Adam Moreland (MAniX) <journo_bouy hotmail co uk>
sub   2048g/A471FCE7 2006-05-21

Adam “ManiX” Moreland

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