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Self-Introduction: Bart Couvreur

Bart Couvreur
City: Lochristi, Belgium (GMT + 1)
Student: Bachelor in Industrial Sciences (Industrial Engineer) at KAHO
Sint Lieven, Ghent

Goals with FDP:
I'd like to start translating the docs to Dutch (especially the
relnotes), because as far as I can see, this hasn't started yet and
because of a lot of questions coming my way from friends about the
reason why there isn't any official Dutch documentation on the Fedora

Current Fedora Projects I'm in:
-> Translation (Dutch)
-> Kadischi

15 years of computer experience, starting with dos, windows later on
Linux (now almost 6 years, Fedora since FC2). Started programming in
PHP, moved on to JAVA and now also a little bit C, C# and C++. Planning
on learning Python this summer.

bart bercie23 ~ $ gpg --fingerprint D93F0F93
pub   1024D/D93F0F93 2006-04-16 [expires: 2007-04-16]
      Key fingerprint = 6AAB 544D 3432 D013 776D  3602 ADB6 6B2A D93F
uid                  Bart Couvreur <bart bercie23 be>
sub   2048g/32D4BFF3 2006-04-16 [expires: 2007-04-16]


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