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Re: Self-Introduction: Adam Moreland


That's good. People commonly likes to write but not pay attention to spelling
and grammar :-) And we'll need a good co-editor for sure! I'm currently
interested in writing about Games in Fedora, and a work is currently being
done in the Wiki:

I love editing! i know writers do very well at the wriiting, but sometimes they could do with help with their grammar. The level of the work here is immense. It is all very well written and edited, and you can see the quality in the final works.


That's a good start to create a reference for a good Game experience in
Fedora, all open-sourced. I was thinking on creating a guide, maybe named FGG
(Fedora Gaming Guide), telling about all the games available, what are they
about, how to play, etc. I'll present this idea today in the FDSCo meeting at
#fedora-docs. Maybe you are interested in helping it too :-)

I think that is great project to be involved in and i would definatly like to see more work done in this area. I would definatly be interested in helping out with this.

> Due to my long experience as a freelance journalist and sub-editor i feel > like i can bring much to the project. I have a love for Fedora, Linux and > for the writing process. I enjoy all the aspects of working with Linux. I > have lots of qualification and experience with Media, and Journalism (Did > my first year on Journalism). My long experience with Operating Systems and > Hardware, i have a technical knowledge that will enhance the documentation
> further.

That's great!

I'm currently working in FDP mainly with translations. I'm from Brazil and
here we have many people that likes to write about Fedora and Linux, but they
don't write in English well (like me, my grammar isn't so good as you have
noticed :).

One of my ideas is to integrate these foreign people into the upstream FDP,
and as we get more documents translated to English, we'll have a need for
good revisions. This project is still in early stages, so we'll stay in
touch :-)

I always enjoy working on revisions and am a good communicator so am able to work with many people. I have always had an interest in working on translations, and helping perfect the grammar. As they say English is one of the hardest languages in the word because of our syntax and grammar, and multitude of usages for a single word!! I am keen to work more closly on projects like these and get more valuable experience and give back to the Linux community, which is both fantastic and supportive.

Keep me posted on the outcomes of the above, and any updates as you know them and drop me a line if you need an eye cast over translations, or gaming docs.

MAniX (Adam Moreland)

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