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Re: New translation: yum-software-management (pt_BR)

On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 22:36 -0300, Hugo Cisneiros wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Rodrigo Menezes translated to Brazilian Portuguese and I revised the 
> yum-software-management document. It's now available in DocsProject CVS 
> (under the yum-software-management module) and in Website CVS.
> Karsten or Paul: can you confirm that the web version in f.r.c is working? I 
> commited the files and tagget them LIVE (before double-checking, my mistake, 
> sorry) as it worked in my local sandbox. I didn't modified /docs/index.php so 
> it's hidden :D I'll wait for approvation first.
> On a side note, as in translation-quick-start-guide, we need to create an 'en' 
> directory for the document too.

en_US -- but yes!  And great job, the doc looks good Hugo!  Sorry about
my absence... I have been tending to IRL stuff for the past few days and
not online at all during business hours.  Hope to be back in the fight
soon.  I am still checking on the list.

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