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trans automation (i18n.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-status)

Many of you may be aware of the translation tools the Fedora Translation
uses, particularly:


Because that webapp needs to be on the same machine as the CVS, we
cannot interact directly with cvs.fedoraproject.org and our own PO/POT

For FC5, we tried for having someone manually load PO/POT into their CVS
and making it available through that webapp, which didn't quite come

Currently, the team internal to Red Hat who owns that infrastructure has
committed to working with Fedora Infrastructure to get the CVS
repository and webapp migrated over to *.fedoraproject.org.  I have not
seen a timeline for this.

Translators, Bob -- make sure I get back with a timeline and other
details following the Red Hat Summit next week.  

Thanks - Karsten
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