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Self-Introduction: Andrea Veri

Name: Andrea Veri
City, Country: Udine, Italy GMT+2

Student at final year in a scientific college

Fedora Documentation

I'll like to write about server applications such as ftp,mail,mysql and
so on, describing and illustrating how you can use them, how you can
optimize settings and more. I work a lot on Irc stuff, starting to
servers arriving to services, clients, and bots and all related things
like Guides that can give an hand to newbies. I'll try to provide how
many docs I can do regarding this and other applications. I'm also an
active translator for the italian language most for Gnome and kde. 

Historical qualifications 

I work in the Ubuntu Project, I have made a lot of documentation
regarding server-side applications and programs. Right now I'm working
on a advocacy document regarding Edubuntu( I'm a member of Edubuntu Doc
Team). I worked in other documents regarding irc too, one of them is How
to Set Up and Irc Server with working services and more.  
I started using computer when i was only 6 after some years i discovered
the great open source world, i didn't wait more, and now I'm here
contributing for a lot of Linux/OpenSource projects like Ubuntu, Debian
and Fedora/Red Hat.
I know quite well php and html, I made in the past a lot of websites
using both of languages. I'm learning C and C++ and in the near future
I'll move to python. I love working in this kind of projects, working in
a Team, contributing to make Linux bigger, i think i can share my skills
helping newbies but also learning from people that have got a great
GPG key ID

pub   1024D/DC8ACE9E 2006-05-27
      Key fingerprint = AD07 65D5 790D 1EF3 9579  2CFF 75B0 C7B6 DC8A CE9E
uid                  Andrea Veri <bluekuja ubuntu com>
sub   2048g/34822955 2006-05-27

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