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Re: Self Introduction : Rui Moreira

Em Segunda, 29 de Maio de 2006 09:52, o Rui Moreira escreveu:

First of all, welcome to the documentation team!

In fact, I'm also a member for the translators team into European Portuguese 
(as a matter of fact, I've already translated documents such as the 
Installation Guide, the Release Notes and the YUM Software Management Guide.

Are you subscripted also to the fedora-trans-pt mailing list? It'd be nice to 
discuss some Portuguese translation issues on it.

Then, depending on the documents still available to be translated, we can 
split our efforts.


> Hi all:
> First of all i whould like to say sorry for the encrypted email ....
> My name is Rui Moreira , new member to the fedora documentation project
> as a Portuguese translator .
> I am Portuguese (obvious) 28 years old and i work in a Webdesign /
> Webhosting company in Portugal as a System Administrator / Software
> Technician , and webdeveloper on my own free time , and a C/C++ programmer
> . Also a Fodora Ambassador for my country.
> My goals with the project are to provide PT users with docs in our
> native language, and also to spread out the word about Fedora .
> Thank you all for your time :
> Cheers
> Rui Moreira
> pub   1024D/69D54E2A 2006-04-18
>       Key fingerprint = FA63 4119 612B 44A4 6A4F  4483 7FAD D458 69D5 4E2A
> uid                  Rui Moreira (RuiMoreira) <ruimoreira29 hotmail com>
> sub   1024g/9CE42D1F 2006-04-18

José Nuno Coelho Pires
Development Engineer
Unidade de Sistemas de Informação

Telemóvel:	 96 630 61 13
E-Mail:		 jose pires inov pt

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