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Re: Self-Introduction: Jeroen van Meeuwen

Jeroen, welcome to Fedora Docs ;-)

2006/5/30, Jeroen van Meeuwen <kanarip kanarip com>:
Name: Jeroen van Meeuwen
City: Zeist, The Netherlands (GMT+1)
Profession: ICT Specialist

Goals with FDP:
I'll be translating the documentation to Dutch, and I hope to be able to
write documentation myself as well, especially howto's and reference
documents. This way, I sincerely hope to contribute to the accessability of
Fedora, and Linux in general.

2 years at the Utrecht University, NL in Computer Science and Economics
3 years at OGD, Secondment Agency, NL (TNO, Amsterdam Police, APX, EPoX,
Linux Proffesional Institute Certified, Level 1
Microsoft Certified Professional

That was the educational and professional part, on to the story of my life.
I've been fooling around with Linux ever since RedHat 5.2, but only had
serious business requirements with the release of RedHat 9.0. Although I've
been reading a lot of manuals, howto's and books, I still love the hardest
school: trial and error.

With the release of RedHat 9.0, I bought a box to host websites and email,
and ever since I got more and more serious. I now colocate several boxes at
NL Internet Exchanges and have way too many in my fifteen square meter
bedroom :(

I hope that my experience and knowledge in Linux, Windows and Networking is
not only usefull to others, but can be expanded along the way.

BTW: I can juggle ;)

Jeroen van Meeuwen, LPIC-1, MCP
C6B0 7FB4 43E6 CDDA D258  F70B 28DE 9FDA 9342 BF08

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