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Self-Introduction: Peter van Egdom

Name : Peter van Egdom
City, Country : Zaandijk, The Netherlands (GMT+1)
Profession : System administrator, part-time computer science student.

My goals in the Fedora Project :
- Translation of the various Fedora Core components to the Dutch language.
- Proofreading the existing Dutch language of the Fedora Core components.
- Reporting bugs I encounter on Fedora Core.
- Triaging Fedora bug-reports.

By doing this I hope to improve the Dutch language support in the
Fedora Core distribution (and derivative distributions like Red Hat
Enterprise Linux, etc...) and improving the end-user experience of

Historical qualifications
I've been an active translator in the pre-Fedora Core (Red Hat) days
since 2002. My computer experience goes back to the Commodore 64 and
Amiga computers. On the PC I grew up with DOS, Windows and OS/2. The
first Linux distribution I used was Red Hat 5.2. Since that version of
Red Hat I downloaded and installed every version of Red Hat that came
after 5.2. Being curious, I also tried other Linux distributions but
always came back to Red Hat / Fedora. At the moment my main
workstation at home runs Fedora Core 5.

I know a little bit of Unix shell-scripting and some college-level C
programming. :-) Being a system-administrator my skills are more on
the operating system and network side of things.

What makes you an excellent match for the project?
Well, I eat my own dog food. :-) I try out my own translations for the
Fedora Core components I see and use daily on my workstation.
Periodically I also try a rawhide (Fedora development tree)
installation inside a virtual machine to see the status and appearance
of the Dutch anaconda and firstboot translations in the rawhide tree.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint
[pve-nl peanut ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 30103961
pub   1024D/30103961 2005-07-29 [expires: 2008-07-28]
     Key fingerprint = 0A79 C5AE DAED C653 BAFE  3A60 0FA4 9C20 3010 3961
uid                  Peter van Egdom <p van egdom gmail com>
sub   2048g/F827F5D2 2005-07-29 [expires: 2008-07-28]


- Peter van Egdom

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