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Re: cvs


i basically need some guidance on how to start editing the cvs files. i want to start editing and writing and get stuck in. i tried following instructions on a fedora wiki on cvs, but that led me nowhere. i will boot into linux in a bit and post tommorrow where i got it and what it said. I am just needing something to help me start doing work with fedora...any help would be really good.

Thanks again all,


Mr Adam L Moreland (MAniX) | Registered Linux User: #417406
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From: "Tommy Reynolds" <megacoder gmail com>
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Subject: Re: cvs
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 09:39:03 -0500

On 5/30/06, Adam Moreland <journo_bouy hotmail co uk> wrote:
Hey all,

I have a problem with cvs access. I cant seem to get access and cant view
anything. I found instructions on some wiki on cvs but i couldnt get access. Can someone send me a link to a wiki that has instructions on how to access
and view cvs docs so i can start doing something??


Quaid and Stickster are at the RH Summit, but I can maybe help.

I am truly great, but I can't read minds.

You need to give specifics about what you are trying, what messages your
are getting.  Then, when we know your situation we can address the problem.

BTW: Have you touched all the bases, like providing the gpg key and your
ssh public key?

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