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I´m Tony.
I haven´t written any documentation or programs or anything,
but I´ve been using linux since RH7.1, mostly with the K12Linux project´s stuff.
I´m in no way a Linux expert, but I am a dedicated and grateful FOSS user.
Completely erased all Windows from my machine in 2001 and haven´t looked back.
I taught English in public school here in CT.
Left a few linux boxes made from donated spare parts in a couple of schools, gave a few away to students. Served on Tech committees at a couple of schools, both of which are now using Linux servers for e-mail and web servers, at least. Used to distribute K12ltsp CDs and OO.o from http://www.school-library.net but stopped. Still advocate for FOSS in school when and where I can, although I am no longer teaching.

I´m now working as a translator and looking for a way to give back to the community
in gratitude for all the great tools and toys.

I figure translating documentation is probably a better place for me than translating software...I don´t know. English is my native language, but I bi-lingual in Brazilian Portuguese (my wife is from Brasil). I work as a court-interpreter for Portuguese/English, and also translate French and Spanish to English. So, I can translate English documentation to Portuguese, and Portuguese, French or Spanish to English. I´m not sure how much documentation comes through in those languages, but I know there are developers all over the world, so I figure I must be able to be of use somewhere. I am an excellent proofreader of translated materials, too, if that´s useful.

I´m just now learning about encryption and gpg keys and cvs, so I´m a little clumsy, but
I catch on quick.
Heck, I bought my first computer in 2000, was using linux only a year later, and was building
machines within a few more months.


Anthony Baldwin
Translator / Court Qualified Interpreter / Certified English Teacher

English, Français, Español & Português
860-399-7118 / 860-235-8233

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Version: 3.1
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