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Re: Firefox splash page tracker

On Tue, 2006-10-03 at 14:04 -0400, Max Spevack wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Sep 2006, Karsten Wade wrote:
> > Dimitris, thanks for your well written response.  I tend to agree with 
> > your analysis.  The intentions of getting a rough count of desktop users 
> > are obviously the best, but the timing is too short to work out all the 
> > ramifications (social, technological, etc.).  In American football, this 
> > is where we punt, meaning to kick the idea to the next release.
> >
> > If we had just a bit more time, we could have a button to click to get 
> > us some rough numbers, but timing is just too close.
> Here's the thing:

[snip useful truths that are not relevant to why people rejected the

No disputing the need for more metrics.

I think the point you didn't expect ... and still haven't addressed ...
is that community members on this list who have to deal with #fedora and
fedora-list and the like are concerned about the impression.  The
arrival of the request on top of all others and "at the last minute"
feels hasty and the result of inaction.  I have the same concerns I did
last week before I pushed the request here, and nearly everyone here has
echoed those same concerns without any prompting from me.  Right or
wrong, people are going to complain that "Fedora is tracking me!"  Don't
underestimate the size or annoyingly loud voices of our newbie

That all said, I'm a good soldier when treated like one.  If you have a
direct order, and sorry if I missed that happen, go ahead and make it.
As commander you'll take some heat.  Fedora may take some heat as well,
but if you are convinced that the value of this data is greater than the
devalue of the heat, then I'll keep the faith and go ahead.

- Karsten
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