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Re: new Firefox/splash page for FC6?

Dimitris Glezos wrote:

Okey, it "tomorrow night". Here's a first version of the HTML/CSS:


Took the HTML/CSS from the release notes. Haven't check validity etc, just quick coding to have something to show up in a browser.



The colors are subtle and pleasing. I like the overall design. However the Fedora wordmark and logo on top left seems to be blurred. I am not sure whether that matches our guidelines at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Logo/UsageGuidelines. Check with our artwork team on this and the overall design either at fedora-artwork list or on #fedora-art.

The wording on top is ""If this is the first time you run Fedora Core 6, a warm, warm welcome". I would want to welcome the second timers too ;-). Might just say "Welcome to Fedora" instead.

Should it be called "Fedora system homepage" on the right top? I am not sure the word "system" translates well.

We decided not to use the Echo icon set for FC6 and will retain the bluecurve one. Make sure the icons used on the webpage matches the default desktop.

Fedora Core release notes should probably have a link to the web only latest version. Since we have it as a separate package we can still push updates to the users directly now so this might not be applicable anymore.

Under other resources, the link should be called "Fedora Project" and the url has a typo.

Fedora People should say Planet Fedora and link to http://planet.fedoraproject.org. The wording might match http://www.redhat.com/fedora/ and hint that the link leads to a set of blogs.

The set of community websites links are explicit urls while the links above them are not. Lets be consistent here. FedoraNEWS.org might say Fedora News instead for example. It is less glaring though the official website has that. I am not sure the link to the wiki will stick if the CMS changes. Also "weekly newsletter" sounds better than "Weekly news Issue". Note the capitalization differences. Copying Thomas Chung for comments.

Fedora forum link should say "formally endorsed" instead of "official". We avoid calling anything official in Fedora as a differentiator. Can the disclaimer be worded better to sound less throw away?


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