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Re: DUG into XML status, no trans call for test3

Another update after yesterday's FDSCo meeting:

We're going to go live with the DUG from the Docs/Drafts/ location.

I think we need wider exposure in the draft stage, and we'll get 10x the
contributions on the Wiki side.  We'll still do an announcement about
it, etc., but it is not going to change into XML for the release.  This
gives us every single day up to release to make it better. :)

Then, after FC6 release, there will be more time amongst this team to
help get it in better shape, and more community exposure.  We can then
follow up with conversion to XML, translations, and packaging into
Fedora Extras.

'yum install fedora-desktop-user-guide'


From all viewpoints this is still a 'win'; we've done a good job getting
a good guide out to the world; only us XML geeks are that it is not
converted; and the translators will be happier that we don't ask them to
translate something that is likely to change drastically after initial

- Karsten
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