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Re: new Firefox/splash page for FC6?

On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 02:02 +0100, Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> O/H Paul W. Frields έγραψε:
> > For now, Dimitris, go ahead and keep working on the page as static HTML
> > content.  If/when you're done with your part and ready to have it edited
> > and polished, send it to the list.
> Okey, I just done v03 (v02 skipped). You can view it live here:
>    http://dimitris.glezos.com/box/foss/fc6-browser-splash/

Sweet. :)

One tweak, on the HREF for the DUG.  We're going to go live with the
Wiki version in Docs/Drafts instead of trying to move it out.  


Here are some quick language edits, as a patch to the HTML currently
posted (18:30 UTC 13 Sep.):


> ## Open issues
>    * Implement the javascript language-checking algorithm and give the 
> user the document in his language. Fallback to english if inexistent.

Did you look at what Tommy sent last night?  Seemed to work.

>    * Just before the release, we need to change the "Other languages" 
> for each doc with the languages that will be included in the package.
>    * Artwork team did not respond yet for changing the header etc. If we 
> are leaving the header like this, I need a higher resolution logo to 
> replace this blurred, resized one.

Try #fedora-art, let me know if you don't get a timely response.  Timely
means, by tomorrow. :)

> ## Questions
>    * Change the "Fedora system homepage" text? Rahul wonders if "system" 
> translates well. If yes, please give suggestions. I tried to eliminate 
> "Core".

To me, 'system' is less personable.  So, we need something friendly that
makes sense when translated.  Here are some ideas, let's iterate:

Your Fedora Home Page
Fedora Default Homepage
Fedora Home
Fedora Local Home
Home on Fedora
Fedora Start Page

>    * Change the icons from Echo to Bluecurve? I think this is 
> unnecessary, because they are small in size and future-compatible ;-)

Is Echo going to come out for FC6 later?

I don't know about this one ... despite the coolness, it does help the
user experience to have consistent icons.  'Course, Bluecurve is
inconsistent anyway, so this could just be more of that same ...

>    * Should the language names be localized and not in english?

Esp. if we cannot easily make the page auto-shift to the right language,
this could be very nice.

>    * Are we going to have a local copy of the Installation Guide as well?

No, there is no package for it yet, in Core or Extras.  We should move
to get it into Extras; maybe we can even link out to it and include a
quick "Or install it locally with Pirut or 'yum install

>    * Rahul: Can the disclaimer be worded better to sound less throw away?

I shortened it a bit.  It might be that we want to make the note class
more visible?

>    * Are the links to "Other languages" really necessary?

I like it, where we have them.  It is an elegant fall-back if the JS
doesn't auto-detect the local language.

- Karsten
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