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[Fwd: [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/Extras" by DavidWoodhouse]

Not sure how we want to treat this... The Release Notes are explicitly
about Fedora Core, and not Extras.  This seems like a somewhat useful
note about Exim -- which is not in Core -- but I don't think the Release
Notes are the right place for it.  I would rather see this kept on the
wiki under the Extras/ namespace, say in Extras/News/* or
Extras/Notes/*, and simply reference that collection from
Docs/Beats/Extras.  What thoughts do other list members have?

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  To learn more about how to use Fedora Extras or how to get involved, refer to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras.
+ === Upgrading to Fedora Extras 6 for exim-sa users ===
+ The {{{exim-sa}}} package is deprecated, and is not provided in Fedora Extras 6. It was the original implementation of SpamAssassin integration with Exim, and was functionally similar to sendmail 'milters' or postfix filters. However, that functionality is rather limited, and Exim now has far better support for content checking, fully integrated into its general-purpose Access Control Lists.
+ Since the {{{sa_exim}}} feature was not enabled in the default configuration, the package can normally be safely uninstalled to allow Exim to be upgraded. Users who have modified their configuration to use {{{sa_exim}}} features should either reconfigure to use Exim's full content scanning abilities or rebuild the package for themselves to include the {{{exim-sa}}} subpackage. For further details on Exim's built-in content scanning, see the [http://www.exim.org/exim-html-4.62/doc/html/spec_html/ch40.html Exim documentation].

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