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Re: [Fwd: [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/Extras" by DavidWoodhouse]

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Not sure how we want to treat this... The Release Notes are explicitly
about Fedora Core, and not Extras.  This seems like a somewhat useful
note about Exim -- which is not in Core -- but I don't think the Release
Notes are the right place for it.  I would rather see this kept on the
wiki under the Extras/ namespace, say in Extras/News/* or
Extras/Notes/*, and simply reference that collection from
Docs/Beats/Extras.  What thoughts do other list members have?

There a number of major and useful software components that is in Fedora Extras for one reason or the other and for such packages it is useful for end users to know what things to cross check or expect after an upgrade. It doesnt matter that it isnt released as such. We cant really expect users to frequently check obscure sources like Extras/News for more important information.

We have it at a lower section in a order of importance and I think it should stay.


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