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Re: [fedora-java] FOP, gcj, classpath, oh my!

Mark Wielaard wrote:
On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 10:37 -0400, Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:
Hi Karsten!

Karsten Wade wrote:
Can someone give fedora-docs-list an update about our ability to put out
a 100% free, gcj-compiled DocBook toolchain?
I've been meaning to test this against Rawhide but haven't got to it yet. When I do, I'll report the status here. (I have a feeling there will have been improvements because of the Java2D work in GNU Classpath).

Yes, I have CCed Cameron and Francis who might have the most up to date
status on all this. If we have a good description of what really must
work then we can concentrate on those parts of gcj, classpath, batik and
fop that are essential to the documentation team.

I installed FC6test3, but cannot find the fop package that Tom created
(or did I only dream that he did? maybe it was never submitted?).

Yes, I never submitted my packages as they were major hacks. Building Batik from the JPackage RPMs is not really feasible, because of the web of dependencies (rhino brings in many), the worst one being maven. None of these dependencies are packaged in FC or FE. On the FOP front, the FOP developers have done work in CVS to eliminate com.sun dependencies, work that hasn't been released and packaged yet.

I'd recommend building Batik and FOP from CVS if you're trying these out since then you can configure out the rhino dependency, and so you're working with the updated FOP.


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