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Self introduction : Johan Cwikinski

Hello, my name is Johan Cwiklinski.
I live in Douai, north of France.

I'm actually unemployed but used to work in system administration
(Linux), webmastering adn a few Java developments.

To help the Fedora Project, I'd like to translate documentation in
French ; I'm already working on it for a short while on the Wiki but
there are still many documentations available only in english.

I'm webmaster of a french website about open source technologies.

I daily use Fedora for my personnal use and still maintain the Fedora's
servers I've putted in place for my old employer, including ssh, samba,
apache/php/mysql and tomcat servers.

Best regards,

pub   1024D/8BA59F94 2006-04-17
    Empreinte de la clé = A86A 1150 F0BA 5626 918A  7ED3 ECDD 81FB 8BA5 9F94
uid                  Johan Cwiklinski (Trasher) <johan x-tnd be>
sub   2048g/9C6CFEB8 2006-04-17

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