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Re: Self-Introduction: Guido Caruso

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 02:36 -0700, g caruso fedoraserver org wrote:
> Hi, all 
> My name is Guido Caruso from Palermo, Italy; 


Benvenuto a Fedora Documentation.

I see you are interested in translating. If you are also interested in
writing original-language technical docs in Italian (to be translated to
English and others), we are encouraging that.  This hasn't been done
yet, but there are enough Italian translator/writers in the project that
you can find an Italian editor to work with.

Cheers - Karsten

> I an engineer and I work as system administrator in Department of
> Hydraulic Engineering - University of Palermo. 
> I wish to translate Fedora documentation in Italian language.
> I have translated some documents of Linux Documentation Project (TLDP)
> in Italian (PLUTO-Ildp).
> I am administrator of http://www.fedoraserver.org.
> I wrote some articles about Linux, published by Linux Magazine, an
> italian magazine on Linux and open-source.
> My computer skills are considered medium-high for my working environment
> as servers: web (apache and tomcat), database (mysql), mail (postfix),
> computing (openmosix) and others.
> I work from 1999 only with Red Hat and Fedora platforms.
> Best regards to all.
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> 2068
> uid   Guido Caruso <g caruso fedoraserver org>
> sub   2048g/D217FD4B 2006-09-17
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