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Re: Icon extractor for linux apps

Paul / Tommy:

Thanks for the pointers. I'll try out your solutions and let you know how it goes.


On 9/23/06, Tommy Reynolds < Tommy Reynolds megacoder com> wrote:
Uttered "John Babich" < jmbabich gmail com>, spake thus:

> Does any one know of a linux utility that extracts embedded icons from a
> linux
> application? I know of several such utilities for Windows.
> If such a utility doesn't exist, is there an alternate method to achieve the
> same results.

You are right: icons in Linux applications are not packaged in a
resource file like WinDoze duz.  Instead, they are either separate
files installed by the RPM, or they are embedded in the program text
where they look a lot like orginary code.

Two solutions come to mind:

1) Pick them out of the RPM file.  Say you have a program "foo" and
   you know there are icons associated with it.  Using The Force,
   Luke, you can use this command line string:

   $ rpm -q -f $(which foo) -l | egrep -i '.(png|jpg|gif|xpm|xbm)$'

   to see a list of image files installed by the RPM which owns the
   executable "foo".  (If you already know the path to the "foo"
   executable, just replace the "$(which foo)" with that path.

2) Cheat by using a screen shot...


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