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Re: plone?

Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 21:25 +0530, Rahul wrote:
Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
iirc there was talk months ago about switching from moin moin to plone.
i wasn't privy to the discussions around that, i just heard it was
happening. is that still planned? do we need help with that? or, was
that idea scrapped?


We still need help.


OK - reading that page brings me to another question I've had recently.
What defines the separation between fedora.redhat.com and
fedoraproject.org? I wonder if it's confusing to have both sites and if
fedoraproject.org shouldn't be the only/primary site here.

fedora.redhat.com is dying. It even says so in the frontpage of that website that we are transiting into fedoraproject.org as the only site.

It sounds like the plan for plone is not to replace the wiki - i.e. we'd
still use moin-moin but some content would be in plone and some in moin
moin. Do we need further discussion around better defining the need for
plone, and what would be accomplished by having both systems in place?
Or how do we define what goes where? This could also be a good place to
discuss fedora.redhat.com..

Or maybe this is more of a mktg question. In any case, I can help with
the needed upgrades, etc.

We basically need to move off all the infrastructure stuff from fedora.redhat.com, launch fedoraproject.org with Plone taking care of the frontpage with a nice design and good content and then take it from there. Detailed analysis of what is required in the wiki vs cms is *not* something we need to do now. It just delays the process. Get the basics then and we will figure out the rest later.

If you are going to interested in helping out, just talk to the people referred to in that page. I dont want to see yet another long discussion on this. Just do it.


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