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Re: Self-Introduction: Adam M. Dutko

Welcome ;-)

2006/9/24, Adam Dutko <dutko adam gmail com>:
Adam M. Dutko

I live in Cleveland, OH with my wife, two dogs and two cats.  I work as a Linux Systems Administrator for a large Chemical Coatings company and am currently pursuing my MBA in Operations Management (subject to change) and my M.S. in Software Engineering.  My professional and personal interests (in no particular order) revolve around open source, computing, programming, brewing beer, sewing my own clothes, bike riding, rowing, emedded systems and wireless sensor networks.  While working at a NASA site one summer as anintern I was fortunate enough to be exposed to RedHat 7.3.  From that point I became an avid user of the Linux kernel, Open Source and RedHat related distributions.  I was once a paying member of the RedHat community when the "RedHat" personal distribution was still around, and I use RHEL at work.  With that said, I would now like give back to the community that's given me so much over the years: a job and a hobby.  My primary goals are to improve upon my writing skills while helping the Fedora community.  Considering I am a student and work full-time, I will make contributions on a sporadic basis.  When I'm finished with school I plan on starting an open source company based out of Cleveland, OH.  I'm not exactly sure what type of documentation I would like to do, but I do have programming, administration and "soft experience" so please let me know what area in the Fedora community needs the most help.  Since this is my first attempt at writing documentation I unfortunately do not have any past projects to tell you about.

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Please e-mail if you would like to know more.


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