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Release notes on ISO

Re: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=208555

We've had several complaints about links "not working" in the release
notes, since the GtkHtml3 renderer has no way of finding external href
locations.  This will not change any time soon, I would imagine; I'm
sure footprint size is one of many concerns that dictated its use.
Links cannot be expected to work in any case because network
connectivity is not a given.

It's too late for FC6 at this point, but perhaps for FC7 we should think
about providing an "alternate HTML" build that embeds the stylesheet and
strikes <A> elements in favor of a different markup that alludes to
their content without confusing users as to whether they should "work."

The above Bugzilla shows that even providing external style sheets and
images (PNGs for admonitions, for example) won't work.  We will
eventually have to figure out how to munge our release notes into a more
polished form.  If anyone has ideas, feel free to post them, but please
also bugzilla them against Fedora Documentation -> release-notes for
tracking post-FC6.

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