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Re: want to mentor a GSoC project?

What are the requirements? My days in the code mines were long enough ago that most of those languages no longer exist. In other words do you have to be a coder to be a mentor? What are your responsibilities as a mentor? What kind of time demands can a mentor expect?  Sounds like a cool project to get into. I did a mentor thing for the mission to mars group one year. Was pretty cool.

Also working up an NFS through IPTables howto/doc updated for current Fedora. Anybody else working that right now? I'll pass off what I've built if there is or be happy to collaborate.  Need an assist with a few parts of it actually. Working with docs from ancient RH distros got the critter working but getting the lock manager to use a specified port is proving a bit problematic.   Also anybody know any of the developers on the NFS projects. The random port default is rather obsolete given the fire walled world we live in. This doc would be unnecessary if #$ !$@$ NFS would quit doing that.


On 4/1/07, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
We have several projects that have proposals in the Google Summer of
Code.  Right now, it looks as if we'll get three projects working this
summer.  Maybe four.

Obviously that's too many for just one person to mentor.  So this is
your lucky chance!

Aside from helping make a project happen, mentors get a GSoC t-shirt,
and a chance at other goodies.  Last year, I got to attend the Mentors
Summit with mentors from all over the world, and we met at the famous
Google campus in Mountain View.

If you are interested, contact myself and Patrick Barnes.  You'll also
need to apply to be a mentor for The Fedora Project via:


You need to do this right away, so you can help with the proposal
selection process.  During this process, mentors work with students on
their active proposals, to work out which ones are accepted.

cheers - Karsten
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