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Re: Wiki work needed

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Can anyone accept the following mission:

11:12:01 < f13> stickster_work: I'm going to be lame and point out a
wiki page that needs editing, but without doing it myself or providing
content for you :/
11:12:54 < f13> stickster_work: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/HelpWanted
this page doesn't seem to reflect the core/extras merger stuff, nor the
wiki changes mether did around organizing Fedora Packagers and such at

Would someone like to take the task of fixing the HelpWanted page to
agree with Rahul's recent edits at PackageMaintainers?  The objective is
to properly portray the package collection as being unified rather than
split into Core and Extras.

I missed out this page. Fixed now. Karsten, you created the Join page. Can you merge the content with HelpWanted?


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