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Re: Confused

On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 15:19 -0500, Damien Downey wrote:
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> My name is Damien Downey. I may not be reading everything right . But
> Im curious of how I should begin documentation .

I'm going to try an experiment on you.  There is a page that *should*
tell you all you need to know:


(Still redirects to DocsProject/NewWrites, but the ProjectName/Join is a
convention we are trying to use everywhere.)

If that page fails you in any way, please report back here with all the
gory details.

For example, if you get two sentences in and fall asleep from boredom,
or have to get up and walk around from restlessness, then the page
failed you.  We want to fix it so it works. :)

cheers - Karsten
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