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Self Introduction

Damien Downey
Jasper County , Missouri  USA

My Goals in the Fedora Project:
First I want to help out in someway and give back to the community
I'm hoping that this will help me become a better writer, and more sociable.(Build self confidence)
I hope to learn new ways of using Linux , from basics to subjects as programming and whatever else
I hope maybe I can bring new ideas to the table
Meet people

I really have no qualifications to think of besides being an windows user that changed over to Linux for good
Went to a tech school for Computer Networking and System Maintenance
I really don't know what would make me an excellent match, I just want to contribute and participate in this and maybe other
projects that will become a part of history now and in the future

pub   1024D/63295313 2007-04-05
      Key fingerprint = 9776 684E C32F CB63 CAE6  DE1D A298 DA50 6329 5313
uid                  Damien Downey (Open Source Projects) < chaos theory d gmail com>
sub   2048g/56CAF5FF 2007-04-05

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