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Re: Self-Introduction: Jonathan Roberts

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 14:03 +0100, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> On 11/04/07, John Babich <jmbabich gmail com> wrote:
> > Jonathan:
> >
> > Welcome to the Fedora Docs Project.
> Hi, Thanks :D
> >
> > Ditto on everything Paul has written. I just volunteered
> > as lead writer for the Fedora User Guide. We are very
> > interested in expanding it to incorporate more KDE and
> > (time-permitting) Xfce coverage. Let me know if your are
> > knowledgeable in those areas and interested in contributing.
> I'm not particularly knowledgeable in those two areas, afraid (or
> pleased to say!) I'm a Gnome user but I'd be happy to contribute in
> anyway you see fit: I have been making some changes/updates to the DUG
> over the past few weeks or so but they've mostly been pretty small - I
> hope they've at least made some improvements :D
> >
> > I prefer using the wiki to do the bulk of the changes, with the
> > result that the learning curve is very low to begin writing.
> Yeah, I've found that. The trickiest part is remembering how to mark
> all the different technical terms, names, menu commands etc but it's
> not hard to look up and I'm sure they'll come with practice!

Oddly enough, this actually is much *EASIER* in DocBook XML, so if
you're marking the name of a package, you use, for example,
"<package>MyRPM</package>", or for a command, "<command>runme

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