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Re: DUG: Connecting to the Internet page skipped...

As for the vision, my eyesight's a little cloudy right now. I envision a core
of common topics, such as OpenOffice.org and Firefox, with special
sections on the particulars of GNOME, KDE, etc. A KDE example would
be Konqueror. Of course, the GNOME, KDE and Xfce applications can be
run from any window manager (with the required libraries installed).

Would the best place to start be to try and draw up a comprehensive
list of topics (or perhaps I should say tasks) that should be covered?
Might be interesting to ask on the forums to get users feedback on
what are the common tasks they do...

I'm open to any ideas on the best way to organize the material. Some
possibilities are:

1. Separate guides for GNOME and KDE. Xfce will be included if time
    permits. Obviously, there will be a great amount of overlap among the
    different guides. I believe these common topics are best handled
    by "includes" in both the wiki and DocBook versions.

2. A single guide which points out which apps are "native" to which
    window manager, but emphasizes that they can mix and match
    apps as desired, again with the required libraries installed.

I think it's worth considering that the guides may be used by people
who might not realise the difference between Gnome and KDE, in which
case I think an integrated approach might be better as would help to
make this clear.


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