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Re: DUG: Connecting to the Internet page skipped...

On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 11:30 +0300, John Babich wrote:
> 1. Separate guides for GNOME and KDE. Xfce will be included if time
>     permits. Obviously, there will be a great amount of overlap among the
>     different guides. I believe these common topics are best handled
>     by "includes" in both the wiki and DocBook versions.


> 2. A single guide which points out which apps are "native" to which
>     window manager, but emphasizes that they can mix and match
>     apps as desired, again with the required libraries installed.

Hmm, this is getting a little too jargon-y for the stated audience,
methinks.  Remember the DUG is for Grandma.

> Finally, regarding the Fedora 7 default home page, we need to ensure
> that the link to the new guide is flexible enough to point the user to the
> final version for Fedora 7, while we still have a draft version on the wiki
> on which to work for Fedora 8.
> Note: The assumption that the end user does not have root access
> makes little sense in light of the fact that most users will need to
> do updates and want to install new applications. Please correct me
> if I am wrong in this regard.

The topic of software updates and installation, though, is not something
the DUG should cover, so the assumption doesn't hurt in this case.
That's likely for the System Administration Guide.  The DUG can easily
contain a pointer to that resource of course.

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