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Re: DUG: Connecting to the Internet page skipped...

On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 19:20 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:

> XSLT would help us over come this, so we authors could write the
> documents as a unified whole, right?  The first chapter could include a
> "How to identify your desktop" bit.  Each task could have a mini-ToC
> pointing to the each of the 2+ sets of instructions.  Mind you, I don't
> quite know how to accomplish this, but I'm confident it's possible.

That's back to the mechanics.  Yes, *if* we were writing natively in
XML, *then* it would be easier to do a three-way output.  Easier than a
Wiki.  Not easier than a one-way output from a well-integrated outline.

But we are not writing natively in XML.  To do this, we would need to
duplicate the current Wiki structure, Include() like crazy, keep it all
together ... then stitch it into the three-way output from XML approach.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but it's frankly too late in the
release cycle to consider taking the "longer and possibly more rewarding
approach", especially when the reward is so murky.

Rahul - try this:  "You are using the default install, right?  Then
refer to the Fedora New Users Guide for GNOME ..."  You're going to be
checking that the install is default, anyway.

We're producing the KDE et al versions because people said it was
important to them.  Of course, none of those people have shown up to do
the actual work, but they sure seem to show up to complain about it ...

I'm sure there are users who love KDE and want to see this DUG version
happen; if we can create the structure for them to see and possibly work
from, maybe we can attract their interest in working on it.

- Karsten
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