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Re: DUG: Connecting to the Internet page skipped...

On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 07:34 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 19:20 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> > XSLT would help us over come this, so we authors could write the
> > documents as a unified whole, right?  The first chapter could include a
> > "How to identify your desktop" bit.  Each task could have a mini-ToC
> > pointing to the each of the 2+ sets of instructions.  Mind you, I don't
> > quite know how to accomplish this, but I'm confident it's possible.
> That's back to the mechanics.  Yes, *if* we were writing natively in
> XML, *then* it would be easier to do a three-way output.  Easier than a
> Wiki.  Not easier than a one-way output from a well-integrated outline.
> But we are not writing natively in XML.  To do this, we would need to
> duplicate the current Wiki structure, Include() like crazy, keep it all
> together ... then stitch it into the three-way output from XML approach.
> Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but it's frankly too late in the
> release cycle to consider taking the "longer and possibly more rewarding
> approach", especially when the reward is so murky.

No, you're absolutely right.  I end up being a little tunnel-vision when
it comes to writing mechanics.

> Rahul - try this:  "You are using the default install, right?  Then
> refer to the Fedora New Users Guide for GNOME ..."  You're going to be
> checking that the install is default, anyway.
> We're producing the KDE et al versions because people said it was
> important to them.  Of course, none of those people have shown up to do
> the actual work, but they sure seem to show up to complain about it ...
> I'm sure there are users who love KDE and want to see this DUG version
> happen; if we can create the structure for them to see and possibly work
> from, maybe we can attract their interest in working on it.

+1.  New folks, this call is for you!  Roll up your sleeves and start
working.  Use this list to get organized when necessary, but use the
wiki for working.

I would caution folks to avoid duplicating the material that's already
available from your desktop.  For instance, if I hit F1 on my GNOME
desktop, the "yelp" Help Browser appears.  On the front page appears a
prominent link to the official GNOME Desktop User Guide.  I'm certain a
similar function is available in KDE.  Anything we do in a New Users
Guide should build on that, not duplicate it or supersede it (unless our
usage differs from what's in the upstream DUG).  I think I said this
before at some point, but a lot of new people have {dis,}appeared since

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