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Re: DUG: Connecting to the Internet page skipped...

+1.  New folks, this call is for you!  Roll up your sleeves and start
working.  Use this list to get organized when necessary, but use the
wiki for working.

I would caution folks to avoid duplicating the material that's already
available from your desktop.  For instance, if I hit F1 on my GNOME
desktop, the "yelp" Help Browser appears.  On the front page appears a
prominent link to the official GNOME Desktop User Guide.  I'm certain a
similar function is available in KDE.  Anything we do in a New Users
Guide should build on that, not duplicate it or supersede it (unless our
usage differs from what's in the upstream DUG).  I think I said this
before at some point, but a lot of new people have {dis,}appeared since

Could you clear up exactly what the plan is here? As I understand it
you would like an attempt at a restructured DUG, possibly with new
information, which is more task orientated...created under a page like
JonathanRoberts/DUG as a draft. (My name was only an example here!)

I'm happy to do some work on this and get the ball rolling but want to
make sure this is what people had in mind and not just KDE specific

Yours kindly,


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