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Self-Introduction: Robert Pereira


My name is Robert J. S. Pereira.

I'm living at Salvador city in Brazil.

I'm working as Linux Systems and Networks Administrator and Instructor
for 6 years.

My current employer is 3Consult Soluções de TI (http://www.3consult.com.br).

I wish write documentation to Fedora Core targeting systems
administrators that want use Fedora Core to deploy infrastructure

I want collaborate also to generate a set of free training stuff
Fedora Core based to able persons or organizations use it in small
courses/trainings. I think that the result can be a greater number of
users that really know Fedora Core.

Other mine desire is colaborate to produce documentation in same level
that official Red Hat Documentation.

My experience in documentation tasks started in 1999 when I wrote my
first training manual about Microsoft products. After this I produced
several Linux and Networking training manuals. In my last
documentation effort i wrote more than 240 pages to a non-official Red
Hat Enterprise Linux training sponsored by SENAI (www.cni.org.br).

Beyond write documents I'm a experienced Linux system administrator
building and deploying solutions using, SAMBA, Apache, OpenLDAP, NFS,
Sendmail, Netfilter/Iptables and several services, as well technical

Another large part of my time is occupied by teaching in official
Mandriva Linux trainings since 2002. I wish teach official Red Hat
Trainings (certification need :P ).

I have good skills in shell scripting (I think that this can be
better) that help me too much in my job and my plans include update my
scripting skills with Perl or Python.

I believe that I can use my experience in training and Linux
documentation to add value to this project and make it
continuously better.

My regards,

Robert Pereira

pub   1024D/CD343232 2007-03-15
     Key fingerprint = 3DA2 61E5 5B22 58F3 23F2  6528 ABEB 0BA8 CD34 3232
uid                  Robert Pereira (Fedora Projects Key) <robertjs gmail com>
sub   2048g/93CC96B8 2007-03-15

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