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Re: Self-Introduction: Licio Fonseca

Hello, Licio!!

Welcome on board to the Project!!

I'm glad to see you here to work on Fedora Docs Project too!!   
We have many work to do and your help is very appreciated.

Best Regards

2007/4/17, Licio Fonseca <liciofernando gmail com>:
Hi everybody,

My name's Licio Fernando N. da Fonseca, I'm a 21-years-old Computer Science student from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I'm an ubuntu member since january of 2006. I consider myself a supporter of the open source community/movement, a feeling that was extremelly augmented when I first started using GNU/Linux in 2001.
I wanna help the fedora with documentation and with translation for brazilian portuguese.
In my job I work with fedora all day and in my home with ubuntu by night.

My ubuntu wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LicioFernando
My gnome wiki page: http://live.gnome.org/LicioFonseca
I gonna make my fedora wiki page :)

Thanks in advance.

Licio Fernando Fonseca liciofernando AT gmail.com
Jabber: licio jabber org  |  I Seek You (Icq): 271062447
Linux user: 343587 | Ubuntu - GNU/Linux
http://blog.licio.eti.br (pt_BR) http://weblog.licio.eti.br (en)

Version: 3.1
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