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Re: Come up with a search engine idea.

On 4/18/07, Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com> wrote:
On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 12:36 +0800, 吴愚 wrote:
> > Right, and the yelp "Help" browser probably has additional features to
> > offer.  I don't know the state of synchronization between yelp's search
> > and beagle's, but I would opine that should be on someone's radar if
> > it's not already.  (...he said, ignorant of F7 status of that feature.)
> Thanks a lot for your reply. All these tools are amazing! But I think whether
> could they be highligted so users could find them more easily? I have been
> using FC for some time but I don't know any of them until you told me...
> So if these tools are more noticeable, I think users will find using
> Fedora Core
> more comfortable.

Sounds like something that should be highlighted in the [New] Users

Sounds to me like a new section on "Getting Help on the Desktop" (or
something similar), briefly explaining to the user how to find help with
Beagle and yelp, should be added to the Fedora User Guide.

I'll put something together for the FUG.

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Docs Project

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