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Self-Introduction: Shen Qi jie

This is Shen Qi Jie from GuangZhou, China. I am a student major in software engineering. Now I am studying for Master degree in Guang Dong University of Technology.

I want to be a translator in Fedora Core Project. Also, I can do some writing and editing if I have time.

I toke several projects since 2003. They were PCB design, Supersonic Security System and  some MISs. I did some parts of the research tasks and most of the documents work. Now ,I am taking R&D on Network Security Assessment and Intelligent Gateway Project. However, I am willing to devote my spare time on Fedora Core Project.

I have rich knowledge on Windows series OS and Linux. I am good at c++, python and some Basic and assembly. Furthermore I have good communicate skill and learning skill which let me handle new technologies quickly and solve problems.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
pub   1024D/3DF8FE71 2007-04-22 [expires: 2008-04-21]
      Key fingerprint = 720B 918D D767 210D 86A1  5093 428A 1330 3DF8 FE71
uid                  Shen Qi Jie (Fedora Docs Project) < shenqj gmail com>
sub   2048g/B60A067A 2007-04-22 [expires: 2008-04-21]

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