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FDSCo Meeting 2007-04-22 Summary


 Dimitris Glezos (glezos)
 John Babich (jmbuser)
 Bob Jensen (BobJensen)
 Karsten Wade (quaid)
 Jonathan Roberts (jonrob)
 Mike McGrath (mmcgrath)


1. F7 release notes dropped for translation

   * [glezos] Can gather statistics later to see when translators did
     their work (commits) to see if the extra days in the schedule are

2. Recruiting and retaining contributors for FDP

   * [all] Discuss on list; empower users to start and maintain their
     own ideas.

   * [all] Need to review our world in light of this post Dimitris made:


   * [quaid, all] A clear task list for the entire project is needed.
     Rework/combine DocsProject/SteeringCommitte/TaskSchedule and
     DocsProject/Tasks.  Identify the skill or experience level needed
     for each task (which helps to identify/separate FDSCo-only tasks).
3. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SummerOfCode/2007 ... FDP has two of
   the five projects as primary, and a third project we are intimately
   connected to.  For more information, use that page to read up on
   the separate projects.

   * [quaid, nman64] Work out the situation with two students from two
     different *SoC projects working on man/info publishing solutions.

4. F7 guides

   * [all] Project (via mailing list) needs to pick lead writers,
     writing team, and schedule sto produce the F7 guides - FUG, FIG,

5. L10n status

   * [all] Communicate regularly with f-trans-l (multiple times a
     week); look in CVS commits for "replies" to messages, won't
     always be on list.

   * [all] Plan on what we can start to move to Plone; it might leave
     Wiki-ness behind in favor of XHTML and the Plone editor; Plone
     handles l10n-per-page very nicely.  It is vital that our project
     website better server non-English speakers by making it easier to

   * [quaid, mmcgrath] Resolve how docs.fp.o relates to the overall
     Plone installation on fp.o.

6. [quaid] Talk with John Poelstra, offer FDP to be an early
   adopter/guinea pig for project management ideas, methodologies, and
   tools in Fedora.

   Karsten Wade, 108 Editor       ^     Fedora Documentation Project 
 Sr. Developer Relations Mgr.     |  fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject
   quaid.108.redhat.com           |          gpg key: AD0E0C41
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