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introduction as wiki requests

While I'm confident neither with regard to my talent nor the extent of my free 
time (http://jmbuser.livejournal.com/1450.html), I certainly would like to 
pitch in with the documentation project if there's a perception I might do 
more good than damage.

I certainly have gotten a lot of mileage out of the Fedora project over the 
past few years and, as a goal, would love to give a little back. Having a 
substantial degree of scientific writing experience, I might be useful 
with "volunteering to edit draft documents" or with "providing feedback on 
the draft documentation published on the Wiki and the mailing list" 
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Join) if grammar/structure/clarity 
issues are significant. On the other hand, If I sound relatively useless, I 
won't be offended with a candid 'go away'.

pub   1024D/332685A5 2007-04-17
      Key fingerprint = B517 98A4 1109 A813 C8D1  95C4 728E 5444 3326 85A5
uid                  David A Thompson <thompson fresno edu>
sub   1024g/C86DB82C 2007-04-17

David Alan Thompson
Faculty in Biology

Fresno Pacific University
1717 S Chestnut Ave
Fresno CA   93702

thompson fresno edu

PS Other 'introductory'-type material: I am a biologist/chemist by trade, 
although I've been playing with computers back since trying to program my own 
version of PacMan in machine language on my Commodore 64 back in junior high. 
I've enjoyed using various versions of unix and linux back since my dad 
bought me an old Sun in the 90's. These days my 'programming' efforts are 
mostly confined to cheesy perl scripts and entertaining myself with lisp.

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